A Complete Guide for Students & Beginners



A Complete Guide for Students & Beginners

This book has become an instant favourite — in fact, a sensation — in our house. The kind of cookbook you rave to your friends about. Why? Partly because the instructions are clear and unfussy and Abbas has a charming and engaging voice as a writer that inspires confidence. But mostly because the dishes that result are extraordinarily good, bursting with flavours and textures.
— Steve Gardner













The recipes are clear without being simplistic and Abbas’s tone is friendly and encouraging without condescension. And they’re so easy to cook! I tested several recipes at a dinner party and they all turned out superbly. We ate so much we had to cancel our post-dinner dancing plans.
— Rishidev Chaudhuri
Real food that real people eat. In Pakistani & North Indian Cooking, Abbas Raza presents authentic, home-style food for the novice or experienced cook. His spicing is perfectly balanced. With easy and delicious recipes for family and friends, this cookbook is a jewel!
— Jenna Holst, author of Stews
Wow. This cook book is pure wizardry. I’m seriously shocked at the level of flavor and authenticity that comes out of these dishes. The dishes taste better than anything you’ll get at a Pakistani / Indian restaurant. The second your fork-fulls of perfectly cooked aromatic spicy shrimp, explosively flavorful kebab patties, or subtlety sophisticated masoor daal begin to disperse themselves onto your taste buds, you’ll realize this purchase was simply one of the best you’ve ever made in your life.
— Colin Pugh
This cookbook certainly fulfills its promise of the evocation of home but there is also a delectable unpredictability to some of the recipes. For example, I had never had anything like the Sweet and Sour Green Beans and decided to try and cook this dish. It turned out fantastic! There are many other unexpected and delicious surprises in the book. Also, the photography is amazing!
— Sonia Ahsan
These luscious recipes reliably reproduce dishes that corruscate with flavour, singing their spices both subtly and operatically. And every one of them is colourful and beautiful to behold.
— Laleh Khalili
Abbas Raza is best known to most people as the founder and editor of 3 Quarks Daily, but I believe he should be equally well known for his culinary classics and innovations. In his remote Northern Italian kitchen, he adapts local ingredients to dazzling new uses, serving forth a legendary South Asian cuisine to his many visitors. Having spent the weekend recipe-testing, I know now what all the transcontinental fuss is about. This is one of those cookbooks of which you can say: Simply follow the recipes, for they are true guiding lights. Just read and do. You’ll even find out about excellent substitutions. How much skill is involved? None you do not already have. The recipes are written to guarantee that. I wish I had had this book a decade ago, when I first needed to expand my culinary repertoire beyond Europe, and made many false starts.
— Elatia Harris, personal chef and cooking teacher,
This book not only makes cooking easier and methodical, it makes one want to cook. The ease with which I was able to make a great Chicken Karahi gives me confidence that cooking isn’t so hard after all! I would definitely recommend this book. It is a must-have for college students and young professionals as it covers all the bases.
— Musa Raza
Abbas Raza’s excellent book includes a wide array of meat, vegetable and rice preparations from South Asia. The easy to make dishes as also the slightly more complex ones have been meticulously measured and tested. The recipes are clear, concise and as close to being fool-proof as is possible for a written cooking guide. A great gift for young students living on their own for the first time and also older cooks who have never before attempted to make Pakistani or North Indian food on their own.
— Ruchira Paul
As a professional chef who’s owned a catering company for 30 years, and who’s worked with Indian cookbook authors on a number of occasions, I was really impressed by the breadth of the flavor profiles in Abbas Raza’s recipes.
— Lynn Buono, Chief Culinary Officer of Feast Your Eyes Catering
Abbas Raza is that rakish, louche uncle your parents don’t quite approve of. He’s irreverent and wildly funny in person. He steadfastly denies being a ‘foodie,’ but the man cooks like a genius. He brooks no nonsense, in the kitchen or anywhere else, and he stands on no ceremony, while wearing a bow-tie.

So he’s the perfect teacher for the beginning cook. His advice is simple and unpatronizing and the recipes are as straightforward and unfussy as they are delicious. That’s so from the simplest dishes to the wonderfully rich and aromatic Chicken Quorma. I nailed the latter first time by following Abbas’s instructions to the letter.

Just buy this book and do what the man says!
— John Collins, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Columbia University
Buy this book and your soul will not go hungry.
— Zara Houshmand, bestselling Iranian-American author
After reading Abbas Raza’s recipes, I felt instantly confident that I could cook them. Everything had been explained simply yet precisely. Abbas gave alternatives (‘use 6 medium sized green chilies or 2 medium sized jalapeno peppers…’) which I appreciate, and also listed the quantities in American/British as well as metric units. I like that, because I have no concept of ounces, for example, but understand grams. And this is what I can say about the taste: We relished Abbas’s Tahiri I cooked for lunch, so for dinner I ordered Chicken Biryani from Dubai’s famous Daily Restaurant. At the table, my 9-year-old son looked at the Biryani, and asked, “Mama, is there any more of the Tahiri?” And while having mouthfuls of the spicy Chicken Karahi, my husband said just one word, ‘Awesome!’ Abbas’s book will be extremely helpful to anyone cooking Indian or Pakistani food, whether novice or expert.
— Sherry Singh
I made Spicy Chicken with Tomato and Ginger. As a renegade cook and reformed vegetarian, I hereby confess that this is the first time I’ve followed a recipe and made a meat dish, ok, maybe any dish, without the use of onions and garlic. Who knew that one could cook very tasty food without the use of onions and garlic!

As a clinical herbalist and nutritionist, I highly recommend these delectable dishes. The delicious blend of carminative spices literally get your gastric juices flowing and warm the body, mind, and soul. The recipes are clear and concise and although best made following Herr Raza’s directives, they can be easily modified in order to suit one’s needs and taste.
— Sasha Bischoff, MS, CNS, Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist
Outstanding! We cooked from S. Abbas Raza’s book and we never have had such dishes before. They were truly delectable.
— Moin and Nafees Rahman
The recipes from Abbas Raza’s cookbook look amazing and I was happy to find out that they taste just as good as they look. They are easy to understand and follow, even for a novice cook. He provides very detailed instructions that make it hard to mess up the dish. I really appreciated the substitutions he suggested such as a can of tomatoes instead of fresh tomatoes because I don’t always have those on hand. The food was quite spicy but in a good, comforting way. Thank you for sharing these wonderful recipes with everyone Abbas!
— Blaire Grant
I cooked a dinner-party feast featuring Abbas Raza’s recipes, and a dear friend commented later, ‘Beautiful food, beautiful cook.’ Flattering, but I could only respond, ‘Beautiful recipes.’ The Chicken Karahi, in particular, was a favourite, with deep, contrasting flavours and rich sauce.
— Margaret Morgan
I really enjoyed the dishes I cooked from this book and all my guests did too. Great recipes. Get this book!
— Peter Grünfelder